Compulsive lying and Autism

August 22nd, 2007


I have an Autistic friend in the UK. I just found out that he has lied about his age, due to a relationship, and hence, has completely made up 2 years of his life.

He doesn’t even know when he’s lying till sometimes 20 minutes later. He can’t distinguish reality from fantasy.

Could the compulsive lying possibly come from the Autism, because Autistic people are usually exceptional at ONE thing … could lying apply?

Also, he says he talks to people that aren’t there .. it’s not even him talking, he believes hes someone else, and has a conversation with himself. Multiple personality disorder?

He was also diagnosed with anxiety disorder as a young child. He feels like a freak, a total nutcase, but I have assured him it’s something he can’t help. He wants to STOP lying, but when he can’t even TELL when he is … how can he??

What is the best way to treat this? Especially in the UK? What are his options .. and what other disorders could he possibly have?


Are you sure he’s Autistic? Or is it another Autistic Spectrum Disorder?

People with Autism (traditional autism) are usually non-communicative. They live in their own worlds. None of what you have mentioned fits an autistic diagnosis at all- not even Aspergers really. However I think people often mistake these for other things. while I know you’re trying to be serious, I have to laugh at the comment about autistic individuals being good at one thing and possibly his being lying.

Well first of, the best way to treat this is to have him go to a psychiatrist for a psych evaluation. Then go from there. They have psychiatrists in the UK.

Other possible disorders in my opinion include: Bipolar, Schizophrenia, or Dissociative Identity Disorder.

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